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Ullman Media is a leading dubbing studio, providing multilingual dubbing at the highest quality for major clients around the world; With five state-of-the art recording suits, 5.1 mixing room, highly skilled sound engineers, directors and actors, Ullman Media offers all sound post-Production and localization services for TV channels, distributors and corporates.


Ullman Media focuses mainly on dubbing into English (both US and UK), Russian, French, German, Arabic and Hebrew.


Alongside the "Traditional" dubbing; Ullman Media also offers sound-track design, M&E production and post-sync recording.

Efrat Ullman


Gino Cambus

 Chief Sound engineer

Holger Irrmisch

 Head of German Dept.

Elizabeth Kedem

 Head of French Dept.

Gabriella Lewis

 Chief Dubbing Director


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